European Capacity Building Initiative

ecbi provides sustained capacity building for climate change negotiators, to promote a level playing field between governments in the international climate negotiations. The Initiative aims to facilitate mutual understanding and trust – among developing countries, and between developing and European countries.


An International Peace Institute (IPI) publication, Financing Loss and Damage at Scale: Toward a Mosaic Approach references, in its conclusions and recommendations, the idea of International Climate Solidarity Levies as a revenue source for the new loss and damage response fund. The concept, in which individual countries would impose levies on air tickets and on shipping containers, is being promoted by ecbi Director Benito Müller, the International Centre for Climate Change and Development, and the Innovative Finance Foundation, among others...
15 May 2023
On 30 April 2023, ecbi Director Benito Müller made a presentation on innovative sources of financing during the first workshop on addressing loss and damage in Bonn. His presentation was on innovative finance sources, in particular on International Climate Solidarity Levies (ICSLs) for the new Loss and Damage Response Fund. Based on a recent OCP blog post , Müller proposed that such levies could be applied in the aviation and maritime sectors. As a successful precursor, he said the French...
02 May 2023
On 5 April, ecbi Director Benito Müller provided a context setting presentation during a Consultation Meeting on “Enhancing Energy Efficiency in MSMEs with performance-based payments through a pilot Carbon Fund and Auction Facility”. The event, which took place in New Delhi, India, sought to help refine the concept of the Facility and enhance understanding of the scope of technical research needed to design it. Stakeholders with experience in financing, technology implementation, and capacity building in the MSME sector provided input...
05 April 2023
In March 2023, the ecbi Director attended the OECD Climate Change Expert Group (CCXG) Global Forum , where he facilitated the session on “Understanding the scope of funding for Loss and Damage ”. He subsequently attended the first session of the Transitional Committee for the new Loss and Damage Response Fund established at COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, where he was able to share a draft of and receive feedback on a new ecbi Policy Paper on “L&D Pilot Funding Arrangements”.
28 March 2023