European Capacity Building Initiative

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ecbi provides sustained capacity building for climate change negotiators, to promote a level playing field between governments in the international climate negotiations. The Initiative aims to facilitate mutual understanding and trust – among developing countries, and between developing and European countries.


On 11 April 2019, OCP/ecbi and Climate Action Network South Asia co-hosted a Seminar on Common Time Frames: Creating Space for Ambition in the Paris Agreement Rulebook in the India International Centre, New Delhi. The Seminar was attended by representatives from the government, think tanks, academia and civil society.
19 April 2019
The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) provides the foundation for the international response to climate change. This Pocket Guide seeks to summarise and explain the main provisions of the UNFCCC’s 26 Articles. It aims to look both forwards and back, outlining the origins of key clauses and drawing out those elements of current significance. This should allow for a better understanding of the existing rules, institutions, and procedures under the current climate change regime.
06 April 2019
This Pocket Guide provides a brief history of the global community’s response to adaptation under the UNFCCC since 1992. Although the response has gathered pace in recent years, it has yet to gather sufficient momentum. In the 2015 Paris Agreement, attempts were made to correct the balance of attention between adaptation and mitigation. However, many of the concepts and metrics around adaptation still lack clear definition, and many challenges remain, in streamlining the global response to adaptation and providing vulnerable...
06 April 2019
This event, jointly organised by the Women's Environment and Development Group (WEDO) and ecbi from 4-6 March 2019 in Oxford, provided an opportunity for ecbi to further deepen its engagement at the intersection of gender and climate change, and to discuss and formalise future collaboration with WEDO. It was attended by 10 gender and climate change. The first part of the meeting reviewed the training modules used by WEDO and ecbi for new UNFCCC negotiators, to promote cross-learning and identify...
11 March 2019