Trust building

Fellowship Programme

At the heart of the ecbi is an Oxford-based Fellowship Programme for climate negotiators and other stakeholders directly involved in the UNFCCC process from the participating developing countries. Its primary purpose is to build trust and exchange procedural and institutional knowledge both among the Fellows ('South-South trust-building'), and between them and their European colleagues ('North-South trust-building').

Each year, the ecbi invites a number of senior developing country negotiators to participate as 'ecbi Fellows' in the activities of the Trust Building Programme, in particular the Oxford Fellows Colloquium and Seminar and the Bonn Seminar.  

The annual Oxford Seminar enables the Fellows to find out how climate change issues are managed by European governments, and provide an opportunity to exchange views in an informal and non-confrontational setting. They also enable the European partners to understand the situation of their developing country colleagues – one of the reasons why the ecbi is not just a capacity-building initiative by Europeans, but also for Europeans. The Seminar is an annual, three day event hosted in the academic environment of Oxford. It usually takes place in the first week of September. Participation in the event is by invitation only. 

Fellows Colloquium  

South-South relation- and trust building are also of key importance in supporting the international negotiations. During the Fellows Colloquium in Oxford, the Fellows have the chance to exchange views and experiences among themselves prior to the Oxford Seminar. 

To maintain the momentum of these trust-building activities, the Fellowship Programme organises an annual one-day Bonn Seminar during the intersessional Subsidiary Bodies meetings in Bonn/Germany. 

In addition to these regular annual events, the ecbi Fellowship Programme organises Ad-hoc Seminars either in conjunction with meetings organised by relevant bodies (such as the GCF Board), or on their own (like the agriculture seminars that led to the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture). 

Latest Events

Senior climate negotiators discussed five "crunch" issues in the negotiations for the Paris Agreement's Article 6 rulebook during the ecbi Webinar on 15 October 2020.
On Tuesday 26 May, ecbi, supported by the Climate Ambition Support Alliance (CASA), held a live web launch of the brand new ecbi Guide to the Paris Agreement . On Tuesday 26 May, ecbi, supported by the Climate Ambition Support Alliance (CASA), held a live web launch of the brand new ecbi Guide to the Paris Agreement. Watch the video.
Reflections on the ecbi Training and Support Programme 15 years after it was initiated.
Leading climate negotiators highlighted the urgent need to complete work on the Paris Agreement’s “Ambition Mechanism” by resolving the issue of common time frames at the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), during a Webinar organised by ecbi on 20 May 2020. The importance of the Ambition Mechanism was highligted by Ambassador Lois Young, Chair of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), at the opening of the June Momentum event...
A pilot Regional Workshop for the Caribbean, on 30 and 31 October 2019 in Tobago, was attended by 17 participants from the region. Sessions, mostly led by senior negotiators from the region, were held on the politics and science of climate change, loss and damage, mitigation and the NDCs, climate finance, the enhanced transparency framework, and Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. Mock negotiation sessions also took place, to give the trainees a chance to practice interventions in a formal UN-like setting.