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Presentation to Transitional Committee Members on ecbi Policy Brief on Innovative Funding Sources and Response Tools for Loss and Damage

On 11 June, ecbi hosted a Lunch Seminar with members of the Transitional Committee on Loss and Damage, as well as other interested parties. Inès Bakhtaoui, independent researcher, presented on an upcoming ecbi policy brief on loss and damage pilot funding arrangements and the need to pilot innovative funding sources and response tools. 

She presented an overview of solutions highlighted in the report, including:

  • protection against extreme events for the most vulnerable through Parametric Climate Risk Microinsurance in the Pacific;
  • funding long-term resilience through private finance, with Pollination’s Resilience Company Model for ecosystem-based risk reduction services;
  • responding to non-economic loss and damage through training programmes for community-based mental health and psychosocial support related to natural disasters in Asia;
  • salvaging and restoring tangible cultural assets, and learning from relocations linked to the mining industry in Senegal; and
  • promoting migrant-friendly towns.

The luncheon took place at La Redoute in Bonn, Germany, just prior to ecbi's annual Bonn Seminar.

Review Comments and Feedback on the draft policy brief are most welcome, preferably by the end of July.

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