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Presentation on International Climate Solidarity Alliance at the Ministry of Finance, Antigua and Barbuda

On Tuesday, 24 October 2023, ecbi Director Professor Benito Müller, in his capacity as a Strategic Partner to the Alliance of Small Island States, gave a presentation on Climate Solidarity Levies and a proposal for a Climate Solidarity Alliance. After a brief overview of what has been happening in the multilateral negotiations with regard to Loss and Damage finance, he presented a brief history of solidarity levies, starting with the French air-ticket levy for UNITAID. He proceeded to discuss options for operationalising potential solidarity levies for loss and damage as a result of climate change, stressing that Antigua and Barbuda, as a small island state, is one of the most vulnerable countries to “loss and damage” – i.e., unavoided adverse climate impacts such as increased extreme events (for example, Hurricane Tammy, which made landfall on Barbuda on 21 October) or sea-level rise. He explained that Antigua and Barbuda could play a key role in launching an International Climate Solidarity Alliance of countries willing to implement climate solidarity levies (such as air-ticket levies) as innovative source of finance for loss and damage both at home and through the multilateral Loss and Damage Fund established a year ago at the UN Climate Change Conference in Sharm el-Sheik.

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