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New ecbi Pocket Guide Sheds Light on Article 6

A new Pocket Guide from ecbi sheds light on Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. A key part of the 2015 Paris Agreement, Article 6 sets out the basis for international cooperation on climate action, including both market and non-market mechanisms. Most of the details on how Article 6 will work were finalised in 2021 at COP 26 in Glasgow, meaning it is now ready to become operational. But how, exactly, will these different mechanisms really work in practice? What specific activities will be allowed under each of them? How will each be regulated? And where can one find further information? Ecbi’s latest Pocket Guide provides a one-stop shop for those seeking to understand this key part of the Paris Agreement, including the latest rules and decisions adopted by Parties to operationalize the mechanisms up to and including the meetings of the Subsidiary Bodies in June 2022.

Publication Date: 
October, 2022
Axel Michaelowa, Ximena Samaniego, Juliana Kessler, Hanna- Mari Ahonen, and Chris Spence.