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Two New Notes on Loss and Damage Finance

ecbi Director Professor Benito Müller has published two new OCP Blog Notes on issues related to the current deliberations on Loss and Damage (L&D) in the multilateral climate negotiations.


The first Note, “The time is ripe … for serious discussions on finance to address and indeed respond to L&D through a dedicated pilot fund” looks at the history of these deliberations, which began in 1991 with an AOSIS proposal to establish an International Insurance Pool. The Note looks at the evolution of the L&D finance narrative and action, focussing on recent events, including the 2022 ecbi Oxford Seminar, where the idea of a ‘Pilot Fund for L&D’ was mooted.


The second Note, “Elements for a Pilot Loss and Damage Response Fund” (with contributions by Diann Black-Layne and Kishan Kumarsingh) aims to provide food for thought regarding three key questions concerning the idea of such a pilot fund, namely: 

  • Why a new fund?
  • What type of ‘response’ should the pilot fund focus on?
  • How could the pilot fund be resourced?

The note aims to facilitate finding a mutual comfort zone/landing ground for the L&D finance negotiations at COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh.


A 19 October Climate Home article, titled Small island states to propose 'response fund' for climate victims at COP27, mentioned the Oxford Seminar, where the fund was first floated.


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