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OCP and ecbi propose a new, collective public-sector goal on adaptation grant finance  

OCP and ecbi have responded to a UNFCCC request for submissions on climate financing with a proposal for a new, collective and quantified public-sector goal on adaptation grant finance. The UNFCCC request was made at the Glasgow Climate Summit, where delegates adopted Decision 9/CMA.3 seeking submissions on a new collective quantified goal on climate finance.  

The ecbi/OCP submission suggests progress on a new goal is more likely if discussions are held on each of the finance-related elements of the Paris Agreement. One stream of these discussions should aim to secure a new public sector goal on adaptation grant finance.  Identifying a specific goal for adaptation grant finance from public sources would help address the urgent need for more predictable financial resources and increased funding for adaptation in developing countries. 

The full submission was based on a blog post by the ecbi Director and has been posted on the UNFCCC website.  

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