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ICSLs Referenced in International Peace Institute Publication

An International Peace Institute (IPI) publication, Financing Loss and Damage at Scale: Toward a Mosaic Approach references, in its conclusions and recommendations, the idea of International Climate Solidarity Levies as a revenue source for the new loss and damage response fund. The concept, in which individual countries would impose levies on air tickets and on shipping containers, is being promoted by ecbi Director Benito Müller, the International Centre for Climate Change and Development, and the Innovative Finance Foundation, among others. Franczak, as well as Müller et al., argue that individual countries could take the lead in beginning to impose such levies on their respective national airlines. They need not wait for the fund to be established and operationalised. The publication notes that the Summit for a New Financial Pact, to convene in June in Paris, could provide the opportunity for countries to make such announcement, which, Franczak argues, would create momentum in the Transitional Committee and ahead of UNFCCC COP28 in December. 

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