European Capacity Building Initiative

Finance Circle Meeting Bonn June 2010

On June 6th 2010, the second meeting of the Finance Circle was held in Bonn, Germany. Twenty-one participants attended including those from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, DRC, EC, Egypt, Indonesia, Gambia, Georgia, Pakistan, Philipines, Poland, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sweden, UK, and the USA. The focus of the discussion was on the "recipient end‟ of the financial architecture, i.e. the elements of a climate finance regime that could or should be located in the recipient countries. Particular attention was given to the idea of National Funding Entities, as exemplified in the newly established Bangladesh multi donor trust fund (Bangladesh Climate Change Resilience Fund ñ BCCRF), and how a devolution of decision making to such national entities could help not only in overcoming the ìproblem of administrative sizeî but also be the catalyst in mainstreaming climate change into domestic policies.

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