European Capacity Building Initiative

ecbi Publishes Annual Report Covering April 2021–December 2022

ecbi has published its latest Annual Report covering the period April 2021 through December 2022. The Bonn Seminar, Fellows Colloquium, and the Oxford Seminar took place during the report period, all convening for the first time since before the pandemic. In late 2021, the Danish government agreed to provide funding for echo's Phase V for 2022-2025, which followed a 2021bridging grant from the Swiss government. ecbi and Perspectives Climate Research co-hosted a workshop on Supporting Adaptation Through Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, while ecbi convened a webinar assessing key outcomes from COP26, which was based on ecbi's COP26 key outcomes report. ecbi also published a new Pocket Guide on Article 6 Under the Paris Agreement. In addition, ecbi published many discussion notes, reports, and blog posts, many of which focus on the most prominent issues being discussed in the climate negotiations. Going forward, ecbi will publish reports that correspond with the calendar year. 

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