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Blog Post discusses "Loss and Damage" and Liability, Updated L&D Pocket Guide Published

This 6 February blog post, Nomen est Omen!, begins with a brief historical account of the evolution of the “Loss and Damage” narrative in the multilateral climate negotiations, and ends up with the recent operationalization of the new Loss and Damage Fund. It suggests that if the liability spectre associated with the phrase "Loss and Damage" is too much for some, then perhaps the name of new fund could be more specific, if not “Climate Impact Response Fund” then maybe “Climate Impact Recovery, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation (CIR3) Fund”? The fact is, a name can be a sign of something to come, an omen. We must avoid having the name of the fund be regarded as a bad omen, something that has often been associated with the issue of loss and damage over the last thirty years.

ecbi has also published an updated Loss and Damage Pocket Guide, which includes recent developments in the climate negotiations, including establishment of a new fund for loss and damage and funding arrangements since the first edition of the guide was published in 2018. 



Figure. The role of the Response Fund in the L&D Management Toolkit

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