European Capacity Building Initiative

2014 Oxford Fellowship and Seminar

The 2014 ecbi Oxford Seminar took place on 28 and 29 August 2014 in the University of Oxford Examination Schools. The ecbi celebrated its tenth anniversary during the Seminar. A three-day Fellowship Colloquium took place before the Seminar, from 25-27 August, in Merton College, Oxford. The 15 senior negotiators from developing countries who participated in the Fellowship Colloquium were joined by 18 senior negotiators from Europe during the Oxford Seminar. The discussions focused on the general architecture of the 2015 Paris Agreement, mitigation, adaptation and finance.During the Fellowship, developing country negotiators also came up with a "contribution cycle" for the 2015 Paris agreement, which was discussed with European colleagues during the Seminar. An agreement on these issues will be a keystone in Paris Agreement architecture.

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