European Capacity Building Initiative

2011 Regional ecbi Workshop for West Africa

The 2011 regional workshop for West Africa took place in Dakar, Senegal from 18th-19th August. It was attended by around thirty negotiators, parliamentarians, and representatives from line Ministries (Finance, Planning and Environment) from thirteen West and Central African countries.

Presentations and discussions included the LDC strategy in the UNFCCC negotiations by the Chair of the LDC Group and the Africa Group strategy in the negotiations by the Chair of the Africa Group. Other themes addressed were adaptation, mitigation, technology transfer, finance, gender, and legal issues. Breakout groups discussed and presented their expectations for Durban.

These regional workshop provided a friendly and open platform for different cohorts to discuss strategies for effective decision-making at the international level, and the translation and implementation of those decisions to the national and ground level. It was also an opportunity for each group to understand the technicality and complicated nature of international negotiations and what each groupís role could be for fair and equitable outcomes at the global level.

The workshop was organised with the support of the Government of Senegal and ENDA.

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