European Capacity Building Initiative

Strategic Divisions of Labour: Submission to the Green Climate Fund Board

Decision B.11/03 invites observer organizations to make submissions to the GCF Secretariat on the elements contained in paragraph (c) by 1 December 2015. This submission is in response to the element of this paragraph stipulating that the measures to be considered in the GCF Strategic Plan should inter alia focus on ‘ensuring that the GCF is responsive to developing country needs and priorities, while ensuring country ownership, [and] enhancing direct access […]’. With respect to this element, we believe certain ‘architectural’ considerations are absolutely key, in particular the issue of what is to be administered ‘in-house’ and what is to be left to others, or ‘outsourced’.

FC Publication Date: 
17 November 2015
FC Publication: 
Benito Müller