European Capacity Building Initiative

Kenya Climate Change Action Plan Subcomponent 8: Finance Final Reports and Annexes


1. Section A: Introduction to Climate Finance
2. Section B: Kenya National Climate Fund
3. Section C: Absorptive Capacity Development Plan
4. Section D: Carbon Trading Platform
5. Section E: Investment Climate for Climate Investment
1. Annex A: Current and future international climate finance architecture: implications for Kenya’s financing mechanism
2. Annex B: Development Partner Climate Change Activities in Kenya
3. Annex C: Government of Kenya Climate Change Activities
4. Annex D: Analysis of the Carbon Market Landscape in Kenya
5. Annex E: Developments in international carbon markets: implications for Kenya’s carbon finance policy
6. Annex F - National Funding Entities: existing practice and lessons for Kenya
7. Annex G - National CDM governance: existing practice and lessons for Kenya
8. Annex H - Carbon Trading Platforms: International Experiences and Lessons for Kenya

FC Publication Date: 
07 March 2013
FC Publication: 
Benito Müller