European Capacity Building Initiative

Devolved Programmatic Access

Joint Submission to the Green Climate Fund Board

This submission is in response to the request in the Progress Report on the review of the Initial Proposal Approval Process (IPAP) for clear guidance on … what qualifies as a programme (minimum requirements for a programmatic proposal). It suggests that ‘programmes’ should be defined in terms of devolved decision making and the IPAP should be urgently adapted to accommodate such devolved programmes as envisaged in the Terms of Reference for the Enhanced Direct Access Pilot Phase which state that ‘unlike the traditional direct access modality, there will be no submission of individual projects or programmes to the Fund because decision‐making for the funding of specific pilot activities will be devolved to the country level’[Annex I of Decision B.10/04]

FC Publication Date: 
10 April 2016
FC Publication: 
Benito Müller