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Devolved Access Modalities: Lessons For the GCF from existing practice

In this draft discussion note, prepared for Pre-GCF Board Meeting Luncheon Discussion on “Country Ownership and Enhancing Direct Access” on 17 February 2014 convened by the Indonesian host of the sixth GCF Board meeting, Benito Müller and William Pizer present some lessons from existing practice regarding two closely related devolved access modalities, namely the programmatic approaches and enhanced direct access.

To illustrate these lessons, they use a number of Exhibits contributed by Sophie de Coninck, Dan Morrow, Gonzalo Serrano de la Rosa, and Anju Sharma.”

Dr Müller is Director Energy and Climate Change at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, a recognized independent centre of the University of Oxford, and Managing Director of Oxford Climate Policy. Prof Pizer is at the Sanford School of Public Policy and Faculty Fellow at the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions at Duke University. He formerly served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary at the US Treasury, managing the multilateral environmental accounts.

FC Publication Date: 
12 February 2014
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Benito Müller