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Climate Investment Funds: Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience (PPCR) in Nepal – a status review

Sustainable development in a country like Nepal, that is largely reliant on its mountain ecosystems and extremely vulnerable to environmental change, is closely linked to climate change adaptation. The Climate Investment Fund (CIF) is a funding channel designed to assist developing countries pilot low emission and climate resilient development approaches. As the fund unfolds, lessons can be gathered from the early stages of the programme. IIED is undertaking case studies of selected countries participating in two Strategic Climate Fund (SCF) programmes – one of which is the Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience (PPCR) in Bangladesh and Nepal. This country report looks at the status of the PPCR in Nepal. These initial reflections point to areas where further in-depth analysis will be needed to understand how planning and implementation decisions are made and to find the causes behind observed trends.

FC Publication Date: 
09 February 2014
FC Publication: 
Laurel Murray